Monday, March 22, 2010

Souvenirs from Tennessee

I went on a volunteering trip in Soddy Daisy, Tennessee and lucky for me (good karma?) I happened upon these lovely musical acts.

The first one, the New Binkley Brothers, is a bluegrass band that played at the hoe-down (yes, you heard right and it was awesome) that the nice folks at the Cumberland Trail Conference had for us at the lodge on our last day. We all had a blast learning the hoe down dances thanks to the Binkley Bros and their sweet pickin' skills.

The second one, The Good Lupine, is a guy named Parks whom I ran into at a store in Nashville called Earthbound (PS thanks Earthbound for letting a bunch of smelly trail kids hang out in your store for way too long). I was amazed when I got back and listened to his music, because it's super rad in my opinion.
Even though this is supposed to be an art blog, I wanted to include them because they are good at what they do and they deserve recognition for that! Also, I met them and they are really nice, friendly and down-to-Earth. So cheers, boys, and good luck! Check out their My Spaces!

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