Sunday, April 25, 2010

Las Puertas

When it comes to the Doors, I am definitely a believer, even if they are a bit schmaltzy and made some really awful recordings. Especially because in this day and age, their lack of irony is as refreshing as running through a sprinkler on a 100 degree summer day. I guess their sincerity is why Pitchfork calls them "less hip than Journey." But really, who gives a shit about the opinion of a bunch of pretentious dorks? Not me! And that's why I happily (and shamelessly) rock out to them and will be seeing "When You're Strange," the new documentary about them. It apparently features no interviews at all (interesting), only narration by Johnny Depp (very interesting). The Doors are meant for the big screen...everything about them is over the top. I remembered reading something that very fittingly described "Light My Fire" as "baroque." It's interesting to note that the design for the poster is so toned down in comparison to the subject of the documentary...very hipster-approved washed-out neutral tones, sketchy letters, grainy photograph in which no one is actually looking at the camera.

And a truly awesome cover of "Light My Fire"...Like the Doors themselves, it's a little silly. But dammit, put your pride on the shelf and surrender to the boogie rhythm!

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